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【論文】WRH 森川淳子教授とSaulius Juodkazis特任教授の共著論文 “Determination of Stokes Vector from a Single Image Acquisition”が掲載されました。

物質理工学院 森川淳子教授Saulius Juodkazis特任教授の共著論文が、Ann. Phys. に掲載されました。

“Determination of Stokes Vector from a Single Image Acquisition”

Four Stokes parameters (1852) define the polarization state of light. Measured changes of the Stokes vector of light traversing an inhomogeneous sample are linked to the local anisotropies of absorption and refraction and are harnessed over an increasing range of applications in photonics, material, and space/earth observation. Several independent polarization sensitive measurements are usually required for determination of the all four Stokes parameters, which makes such characterization procedure time-consuming or requires complex setups. Here, a single-snapshot approach to Stokes polarimetry in transmission is introduced by use of a four-polarization camera with the on-chip integrated polarizers. A quarter-waveplate is added in front of the sample and is illuminated by a linearly polarized light. This approach is demonstrated by measuring birefringence Δ⁢n≈0.012 of spider silk of only ≈6μm-diameter using microscopy, however, due to its generic nature, it is transferable to other spectral ranges and imaging applications, e.g., imaging from a fast moving satellite or drone or monitoring fast changing events such as phase transitions.




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