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【論文】WRH 高安美佐子教授とEduardo Viegas特任准教授の共著論文 “Integration of B-to-B trade network models of structural evolution and monetary flows reproducing all major empirical laws”が掲載されました。


情報理工学院 高安美佐子教授とEduardo Viegas特任准教授の共著論文が、natureに掲載されました。
“Integration of B-to-B trade network models of structural evolution and monetary flows reproducing all major empirical laws

We develop a single two-layered model framework that captures and replicates both the statistical properties of the network as well as those of the intrinsic quantities of the agents. Our model framework consists of two distinct yet connected elements that were previously only studied in isolation, namely methods related to temporal network structures and those associated with money transport flows. Within this context, the network structure emerges from the first layer and its topological structure is transferred to the second layer associated with the money transactions. In this manner, we can explain how the micro-level dynamics of the agents within the network lead to the exogenous manifestation of the aggregated system statistical data en-wrapping the very same agents within the system. This is done by capturing the essential dynamics of collective motion in complex networks that enable the simultaneous emergence of tent-shaped distributions in growth rates within the agents, together with the emergence of scaling properties within the network in the study. We can validate the model framework and dynamics by applying these to the context of the real-world inter-firm trading network of firms in Japan and comparing the results of the statistical distributions at both network and agent levels in a temporal manner. In particular, we compare our results to the fundamental quantities supporting the seven empirical laws observed in data: the degree distribution, the mean degree growth rate over time, the age distribution of the firms, the preferential attachment, the sales distribution in steady states, their growth rates, their scaling relations generated by the model. We find these results to be nearly identical to the real-world data. The framework has the potential to be transformed into a forecasting tool to support decision-makers on financial and prudential policies.




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