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【講演会】 2024.3.19(火)「電極の構造化によるリチウム イオン電池のエネルギー密度の向上」


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2024年3月19日、昨年10月に科学技術創成研究院未来産業技術研究所の特任教授 (WRH) に着任した英国ケンブリッジ大学 De Volder 先生が、「電極の構造化によるリチウムイオン電池のエネルギー密度の向上」について講演会を開催いたします.たくさんの参加をお待ちしております.

日時:2024年 3月19日(火)10:30 ~ 12:00(講演:1時間,質疑応答:30分程度)
場所:すずかけ台キャンパス R2棟 1階 OCS会議室
講演者:Prof. Michael De Volder  (Professor, University of Cambridge/Specially Appointed Professor, WRH, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Increasing the Energy Density of Li-Ion Batteries by Structuring Electrodes and New Energy Storage Concepts

Li-ion batteries still fall short of consumer needs in terms of charging time, capacity and cost. In addition, the materials used in batteries and the battery lifetime still cause concerns about their sustainability. In this talk, I will focus on different strategies to improve the performance of batteries. First, I will discuss aspects of optimising the structure of battery electrodes, which can lead to better battery performance using existing battery chemistries. Second, I will talk about how we can combine different Li storage mechanisms in new ways to increase the overall energy density of battery electrodes. Finally, I will discuss work on the degradation of batteries and methods to increase their life-time which is critical to improve their sustainability.

科学技術創成研究院 未来産業技術研究所
教授  金 俊完

De Volder教授第2回講演会_フライヤー (PDF)






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