IRFI 東京工業大学国際先駆研究機構 IRFI 東京工業大学国際先駆研究機構


The International Research Frontiers Initiative (IRFI) was established in April 2022 as a measure to realize Tokyo Tech’s strategic goal of “creating impact through robust research.” As a university-wide organization, IRFI is promoting the establishment of multiple world-class research centers focusing on unexplored, highly innovative fields and strong international collaboration. IRFI consists of the following sections and research organizations.

Research Development Section

  • ・In collaboration with URAs
    from the Office of Research and
    Innovation, this section analyzes Tokyo
    Tech’s research and researchers, as
    well as domestic and international
    research and social trends, to identify and support the
    selection of research
    fields that Tokyo Tech should promote.
  • ・After identifying priority research
    areas, the section provides support in
    establishing research groups.
Research Development Section

Research Globalization Section

  • ・Based on the programs and
    initiatives for internationalization and
    collaboration that have supported the Institute of Innovative Research (IIR) and Earth-Life
    Science Institute (ELSI), this section
    promotes global researcher networking and provides
    centralized financial and
    administrative support for dispatching and inviting researchers.
  • ・Making full use of Tokyo Tech ANNEXes as overseas hubs, the section supports the
    establishment and execution of international collaborative research
    projects and international public
  • ・The section also provides support
    for international collaboration with the Frontier Research Groups.
Research Globalization Section

Frontier Research Hubs

  • These hubs are world-leading
    organizations that have already
    produced many research achievements.
    They are highly regarded at Tokyo Tech and worldwide.
Frontier Research Hubs

Frontier Research Groups

  • These groups are selected by
    Research Development Section
    and receive prioritized support from Tokyo Tech.
    They focus on highly innovative and unexplored fields.
Frontier Research Groups






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