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【論文】WRH 大橋 匠准教授と劉 偉 (LIU Wei) 特任准教授との論文 “Empathy Design Thinking: cultivating creative minds in primary education” が掲載されました。

Figure 1

Figure 1. The 4E principles: Experience, Empathy, Exploration, and Evaluation.

Table 1

Table 1. Liu W, Huang R, Wang J, Chen Y, Ohashi T, Li B, Chen Y, Liu Y, Qiu D, Zhang J, Al Mahmud A and Leifer L (2024) Empathy Design Thinking: cultivating creative minds in primary education. Front. Educ. 9:1376305. doi: 10.3389/feduc.2024.1376305


2023年12月から2024年2月までWRHプログラムで共同研究を行った環境・社会理工学院融合理工学系の大橋匠准教授と 北京師範大学の劉偉 (LIU Wei) 准教授の論文が、Frontiers in Education に掲載されました。

“Empathy Design Thinking: cultivating creative minds in primary education”

This research explores the application of an Empathy Design Thinking (EDT) curriculum within primary education, guided by the principles of Experience, Empathy, Exploration, and Evaluation, to examine its effect on fostering student creativity in a Chinese context. The curriculum was redesigned into a streamlined, modular format for ease of integration into existing educational frameworks. Findings demonstrate a positive impact on students’ creative thinking abilities, particularly in enhancing fluency and flexibility, with notable mentions of empathy’s vital role in the educational process. This study aligns with global educational trends emphasizing the need for empathetic and comprehensive learning experiences, offering insights into the potential of EDT to enrich creative education for primary students, educators, curriculum developers, and policymakers.

【WRH】劉偉 (LIU Wei) 特任准教授が来日しました。(ニュース)
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