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【Paper】Paper by WRH professors Satoru Tsushima and Koichiro Takao featured on the cover of Chemical Communications

WRH Specially Appointed Associate Professor Satoru Tsushima and Associate Professor Koichiro Takao published the collaborative paper “Towards tailoring hydrophobic interaction with uranyl(vi) oxygen for C–H activation” in Chemical Communications.

The paper has also been adopted for the cover of the journal.

<Article information>

Bovine serum albumin (BSA) has a uranyl(VI) binding hotspot where uranium is tightly bound by three carboxylates. Uranyl oxygen is “soaked” into the hydrophobic core of BSA. Isopropyl hydrogen of Val is trapped near UO22+ and upon photoexcitation, C–H bond cleavage is initiated. A unique hydrophobic contact with “yl”-oxygen, as observed here, can be used to induce C–H activation.

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