Facilitating interdisciplinary exchange between the world's top researchers

As part of our goal to become one of the world's top 10 research universities through cutting-edge research and innovation

The Tokyo Institute of Technology is currently undergoing comprehensive reform. This reform includes the establishment of the Institute of Innovative Research (IIR), which comprises leading laboratories and research centers, as well as enhancing our attractive research environment for researchers from around the world and our own brightest students. The Tokyo Tech World Research Hub Initiative (WRHI) is a six-year project established as part of the IIR that is the driving force behind our aspiration to both achieve interdisciplinary exchange between the world’s top researchers and act as a center for groundbreaking research. We aspire to play a leading role as a world research hub, uncovering new fields of research, solving challenges confronting society and laying the foundations for the development of future industry.

Breaking down walls to promote researcher mobility and interaction

At the WRHI, we promote international, interdisciplinary research between top-class researchers through collaboration with our own researchers, transcending the borders of traditional fields of research. By inviting prominent researchers as specially-appointed professors, we increase researcher mobility and support the globalization of our laboratories, research centers and research units.

From 2017, we have established four hub groups for our researchers: artificial intelligence, cell biology, materials and devices and social implementation. We have already invited 331 researchers from around the world, providing a strong stimulus for international collaborative research.

Research Hub

Aiming for more research findings through interactions with Tokyo Tech researchers

Shlomo Havlin is a professor in the Department of Physics at Bar-Ilan Universityouter, Ramat-Gan, Israel. He joined Tokyo Tech’s WRHI in November 2016 as a specially appointed professor to collaborate with Professor Misako Takayasu, leader of the Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling Unit. Together, they are combining network science and big data to better understand the dynamics of financial systems.

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