WRHI Prof. Kenji Suzuki Launched New Research Unit

WRHI Prof. Kenji Suzuki Launched New Research Unit

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Based on research undertaken at the WRHI, the BioMedical Artificial Intelligence Research Unit (BMAI) was established on June 1, 2021 with WRHI Prof. Kenji Suzuki as the Unit Leader.
Over many years working abroad, Prof. Suzuki has become established as a world-leading pioneer in deep learning research. His work has helped to improve computer-aided diagnosis systems with enhanced accuracy and efficiency in healthcare settings.
The establishment of this new research unit will allow Prof. Suzuki to accelerate his important work, and promises to contribute further ground-breaking insights to our cutting-edge WRHI research output.

Kenji Suzuki, Ph.D.
Unit Leader/Professor
BioMedical Artificial Intelligence Research Unit (BMAI)

Deep learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that has been garnering attention as an innovative technology in the circles of both academia and the industry. Widely researched as an essential element of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, deep learning is revolutionizing various fields with techniques that achieve what was previously impossible to achieve. Among these fields, the biomedical field in particular has been the emphasis of many countries, and the application of the potentials of deep learning to biomedical technology has been rapidly expanding the market. Using our 25+ years of cultivated deep learning research and biomedical expertise, we at the BMAI unit aim to solve the hurdles currently being faced in deep learning by developing and advancing basic AI technologies which will be applied to the biomedical field and achieve practical implementation into society. By researching and developing advanced AI technologies in collaboration with various laboratories, medical schools, and companies around the world, and by cultivating the human resources, including graduate students, engineers, and researchers, capable of leading these technologies, we will overcome the fundamental challenges of deep learning and make waves in global biomedical research.

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